Licentiate Theses

Per Widek (2022), Modeling of electric power systems in electric vehicles, TEIE-1094, Full document

Thomas Gillblad (2020), Complexity in Industrial Automation Systems, TEIE-1089, Full document

Samuel Estenlund (2018), Air cooling of an EMSM field winding, TEIE-1087, Full document

Sebastian Hall (2015), Dynamic Testing of Permanent Magnet Machines, TEIE-1076, Full document

Mohammad Reza Safari Tirtashi (2015), Control of Reactive Shunts - Voltage Stability and Restoration, TEIE-1075, Full document

Finn Landegren (2014), Critical Infrastructures as Socio-Technical Systems - Applications to electricity distribution systems, TEIE-1073, Full document

Rasmus Andersson (2014), Electric Traction Machine Design for Heavy Hybrid Vehicles, TEIE-1074, Full document

Zhe Huang (2013), Thermal Design of Electrical Machines - Investigation and Evaluation of Cooling Performances, TEIE-1070, Full document

Evripidis Karatsivos (2013), Control of a Multi-terminal VSC-HVDC system - A general Control System Structure, TEIE-1068, Full document

Conny Högmark (2013), Moulded Electrical Machines and Laminated Windings, TEIE-1066, Full document

Fadi Abdallah (2012), EMC Analysis of Electric Drives, TEIE-1065, Full document

Ingmar Leisse (2011), Integration of Wind Power in Medium Voltage Networks - Voltage Control and Losses, TEIE-1062, Full document

Lars Lindgren (2009), Automatic Power System Restoration - Application of a Search Algorithm, TEIE-1060, Full document

Francesco Sulla (2009), Island Operation with Induction Generators - Fault Analysis and Protection, TEIE-1059, Full document

Johan Björnstedt (2009), Island Operation with Induction Generators - Frequency and Voltage Control, TEIE-1058, Full document

Anna Guldbrand (2009), Earth Faults in Extensive Cable Networks - Electrical Distribution Systems, TEIE-1057, Full document

Jonas Ottosson (2007), Energy Management and Control of Electrical Drives in Hybrid Electrical Vehicles , TEIE-1054, Abstract, Full document

Jonas Johansson (2007), Risk and Vulnerability Analysis of Large Scale Technical Infrastructures - Electrical Distribution Systems, TEIE-1053, Abstract, Full document

Tomas Bergh (2006), Belt Driven Alternator and Starter with a Series Magnetized Synchronous Machine Drive, TEIE-1052, Abstract, Full document

Fredrik Roos (2005), Electricity Supply Reliability: Evaluation of Improvement Solutions for Existing Electricity Networks, TEIE-1049, Abstract, Full document

Niklas Stråth (2005), Islanding Detection in Power Systems, TEIE-1051, Abstract, Full document

Christian Andersson (no 2) (2005), Power System Security Assessment - Application of Learning Algorithms, TEIE-1047, Full document

Sabine Marksell (2004), EMC Aspects of PMW Controlled Loads in Vehicles, TEIE-1041, Abstract, Full document

Jon Bolmstedt (2004), Controlling the Influent Load to Wastewater Treatment Plants, TEIE-1040, Full document

Dalius Misiunas (2003), Burst Detection and Location in Pipelines and Pipe Networks - With Application in Water Distribution
TEIE-1038, Full document

Bengt Johansson (2003), Improved Models for DC-DC Converters, TEIE-1037, Abstract, Full document

Tomas Alexandersson (2003), Water Reuse in Paper Mills - Measurements and Control Problems in Biological Treatment, TEIE-1036, Full document

Inés Romero Navarro (2002), Dynamic Load Models for Power Systems - Estimation of Time-Varying Parameters During Normal Operation, TEIE-1034, Abstract, Full document

Karin Jonasson (2002), Analysing Hybrid Drive System Topologies, TEIE-1031, Abstract, Full document
Also see Petter Strandh (2002), Combustion Engine Models for Hybrid Vehicle System Development (Work carried out in collaboration with Karin Jonasson) Full document

David Martinez Muñoz (2001), Acoustic Noise in Vector Controlled Induction Motor Drives, TEIE-1028, Abstract, Full document

Håkan Skarrie (2001), Design of Powder Core Inductors, TEIE-1027, Abstract, Full document

Christian Andersson (no 1) (2001), Observations on Electric Hybrid Bus Design, TEIE-1026, Abstract, Full document

Thomas Svantesson (2000), Automated Manufacture of Fertilizing Granules from Burnt Wood Ash, TEIE-1024, Abstract, Full document

Svante Andersson (2000), Optimization of a Servo Motor for an Industrial Robot Application, TEIE-1023, Abstract, Full document

Per Karlsson (1999), Quasi Resonant DC Link Converters - Analysis and Design for a Battery Charger Application, TEIE-1022. Abstract, Full document

Martin Bojrup (1999), Advanced Control of Active Filters in a Battery Charger Application, TEIE-1021a. Abstract, Full document

Morten Hemmingsson (1999), A Powerflow Control Strategy to Minimze Energy Losses in Hybrid Electric Vehicles, TEIE-1020. Abstract, Full document

Christian Rosen (1998), Monitoring Wastewater Treatment Systems, TEIE-1019. Abstract, Full document

Patrice Lesage (1998), On the Analysis and Control of a Split Pole Induction Machine, TEIE-1018.

Anders Carlsson (1997), The Back-to-back Converter - Design and Control, TEIE-1017. Abstract, Full document

Mats Larsson (1997), Coordinated Tap Changer Control - Theory and Practice, TEIE-1016. Abstract, Full document

Lars Ericson (1997), Dynamic Load Control - Power Peak Shaving Applied to a Foundry, TEIE-1015. Abstract.

Lars Sjöberg (1996), Torque Control of a Novel Switched Reluctance Machine, TEIE-1012. Abstract, Full document

Sven-Göran Bergh (1996), Diagnosis Problems in Wastewater Settling, TEIE-1011. Abstract, Full document

Olof Samuelsson (1994), Point-to-point Position Control using simple Mechanical Sensors, TEIE-1007. Abstract.

Gianguido Piani (1993), Computer-supported Complexity Reduction in Process Control - A Cognitive Approach to User Interface Design, TEIE-1006. Abstract, Full document

Ulf Jeppsson (1993), On the Verifiability of the Activated Sludge System Dynamics, TEIE-1004. Abstract, Full document

Gunnar Lindstedt (1993), A Versatile Ultrasonic Sensor System for Industrial Robot Applications, TEIE-1003. Abstract.

Lars Låftman (1991), Acoustical Noise Generating Factors in PWM Induction Motor Drives - A New Approach, TEIE-1002. Abstract.

Bo Peterson (1991), Oscillations in Inverter Fed Induction Motor Drives, TEIE-1001. Abstract, Full document

Ingvar Ekdahl (1988), Några metoder och mätningar inom rumsakustik och elektromekanik (Contributions to Methods and Measurements in Roomacoustics and Electromechanics), TEIE-1001.