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    Extra lab session! For those of you who need help before the exam, there will be an extra lab session on Monday 14 January, from 13:15 to 15:00 h. Good luck!

    Ind. Projects: The Agenda for the final project presentations' session is now available!

    Exams: There are a few places left for the 17th and 18th of December. You can still join these through the Doodle link sent earlier this month. There is an opportunity to take the exam on the 13th as well. Send an e-mail to Fran in that case. There will also be exam dates during the normal exam week in January. GOOD LUCK!

    THREE (3) programmers are missing from LAB 1. If you have borrowed them, please return them to their original location. Thanks! Do not disconnect the programmers from the computers. Ask us if you need to borrow any equipment from the Lab.

    The pin-out for the motor interface (DB15 connector) is now in the "Labs" folder.

    Check the "Labs" folder for a little guide on AVR programming!

    Industrial project groups and lecture material updated! Check the "Labs" folder for the list of AVR specifications.

    List of Industrial projects now uploaded! Check the link and choose a project.

    Welcome to the course Applied Mechatronics!
    We are looking forward to meeting you the 4th of September, at 15.15 in room M:E.

    All students present at the first lecture will be registered as participants of the course. Note that it is the student's responsibility to inform the department if he or she will drop the course.

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