Electric and Hybrid Electric Vehicle Technology (EIEN 41)

Why take this course?

Electric land transport started more than a century ago but lost its momentum due to low battery performance and the competition from the combustion engine. About 20 years ago electric traction started reentering vehicle drivetrains to assist in reducing fuel consumption and about 10 years ago full electric vehicles with very competitive performance entered the market.

Lohner Porsche Hybrid  PriusGen1 TeslaModelS Electric Tractor ElectricBus TeslaTruck Electric Aircraft

Today almost every transport mode is subject to electrification, Cars, Buses, Trucks, Off road vehicles, even aircrafts. On a political level many countries are setting up goals for a fossil free transport system within a short time, like 2030...2050. It is fair to say that we right now live a paradigm shift regarding transfer of most modes of transportation to full electrification. This paradigm shift also put a lot of strain on technology development, not only on electric drive trains but also on energy storage technologies, charging technologies, energy supply and more.

This course is given to provide a deep understanding of the technologies involved, the requirements and limitations, the opportunities and to give the understanding and tools to help those who want to contribute to the development.

The course is built on lectures, two home assignments and a study tour. The home assigments are made within the Matlab/Simulink environment and is a deep dive in system design and optimisation for a selected topic of current relevance. More about the course can be found in English and in Swedish.


The course is given by Professor Mats Alaküla. Mats has a long experience from electro mobility and is since 12 years working part time in the automotive industry as a scientific advisor. He has a strong link to the industrial challenges and opportunities.

The course is assisted by Philip Abrahamsson and Meng Lu, both PhD students within electro mobility.


Lecture 1 - Introduction

Lecture 2 - The Ideal vehicle

Lecture 3 - The Conventional Vehicle

Lecture 4 - The Hybrid Vehicle - Energy storage

Lecture 5&6 - The Hybrid Vehicle - Traction Machines

Lecture 7 - The Parallel Hybrid Vehicle

Lecture 8 - Charging

Lecture 9a - Aux

Lecture 9b - Safety

Home assigments

Assignment 1

Assigment1 - instructions

Assigment1 - simulation files. OBS! Unzip the file retaining the folder structure. You should get a structure with two folders in parallell; one called "Conventional" and one called "DriveCycles". You do all work in the "Conventional" folder, it will refer to the "DriveCycles" folder when needed assuming that the folders are located in parallel.

Assignment 2

Assignment 2 - instructions

Tractor simulation model - place and unpack this in a fiolder next to the "Conventional" folder.

Conventional vehicle updated for Tractor. IF you havn't figured out how to update the Conventional model with the tractor modelling, here is a solution.

Plowing drive cycle - place and unpack this in the "Drive Cycles" folder

Previous Exams

Exam 2012_02_23 with solution
Exam 2014_10_27 with solution

Course Material

Course Plan

Course compendium This book is subject to being upgraded during the course. Please check in here for pdated versions.





The Student adminstration office is open weekdays 11:00-12:30 on the second floow in the M-building. Other times by agreement.

Phone: 046-229290

Mail: studexp@iea.lth.se

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NOTE that the course starts on Wednesday September 12'th in M:D, i.e in the 2nd week of the study period.


The Study tour on October 17th will go to BorgWarner in Landskrona. This company is expanding fast in the field of electro mobility and have very interesting things to show. A sign up list is put on IEA's  billboard. You need to sign up for BorgWarner to prepare your participation (badge, coffee, lunch etc) . Please sign up before Wednesday 10th of October.

LU will fund your travelling costs.

The agenda is the following:

09.00-09.20 Intro to BorgWarner

09.20-09.40 Electrification Projects

09.40-10.00 CAE Electrification

10.00-11.00 Lab & Production Tour

11.00-12.00 HR, Questions, Coffee and lunch

Since we are starting at 09:00, we need to be there in good time. There are trains leaving Lund at 8:13 and 8:21 that, combined with about 10 minutes walk from Landskrona station, give the margin we need. Please be at Borgwarner about 08:50! The adress is Instrumentgatan 15, Box 505, 261 51 Landskrona

Very Welcome!